Thursday, December 30, 2010

The American healthcare system is annoying

Groan. It's things like this that make me almost willing to move to England, or New Zealand, or Denmark, or someplace that has a decent view of the importance of healthcare to a society.

Apparently, the 2010 U.S. Healthcare reform act was very delicately worded when it came to the much-bally-hooed change to enable parents to include their children in their coverage up through age 26. The insurance companies apparently worded the bill in such a way that medical insurance plans are now provided for such overage dependents.

But the legislation does not cover dental insurance.

Nor vision insurance.

As though your teeth weren't part of your health.

Or your eyesight.

Stupid politicians.

So my grown son, who has been trying for 14 months now to find a job, and who is subsisting on temporary employment through a staffing agency, is at least finally covered by my health plan.

But not by my dental plan. Nor by my vision plan.

Meanwhile, what did the dental insurance company report last month?

While economic conditions continue to influence parts of our business, steady consumer demand for our insurance and retirement products has contributed to consistent sales and positive aggregate net flow results.

Well, good for them. I hope they sleep better with those fine aggregate net flow results.

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