Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The slaloming king

Even if you don't know much about chess, you should check out this game. At move 39, Black gives up his rook, realizing that, of his other pieces, only his other rook has legal moves. Therefore, Black believes he can draw the game via "perpetual check", for if White were to capture the remaining rook, it would be a stalemate.

However, White looks far enough ahead to see that he can manage to walk his king all the way across the board, to a safe square entirely on the opposite side of the board, at which point White will be able to capture the rook while simultaneously releasing the stalemate.

If you're not a great chess fan, just click on move 39 ("39. Rg4xg7") on the game listing on the right side, then step through the final 20 moves of the game to watch in delight as White's king wanders back-and-forth, "slaloming" up the chessboard to finally reach the safe location.


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