Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm heading out to the mountains...

I'll take some pictures, and reconnect with you all in a week.

In the meantime, before I go:

  1. If you don't know what the "Nym Wars" are, you should. "Nym" is "pseudonym", and the topic involves the implications of using pseudonyms on the Internet. Jamie Zawinski provides a great place to start learning.

  2. This month's Wired features an epic, thrilling, and fascinating look into the America's Cup. Excerpt:

    To gain maximum leverage they hang off the boat upside down, facing up, with their feet tangled in the netting and everything past their knees cantilevered over the side. The goal is not to bring our wayward hull back to the water but rather to bring it as close to the surface as possible without touching down. Flying the hull eliminates its drag. Flitting across the water, literally and figuratively on edge, the black carbon-fiber boat takes on a distinctly alien, insectoid grace.

  3. Mike Masnick rounds up the latest analysis of the insane world of software patents (the courts are now trying to decide what can fit "entirely in the human mind"); better, he provides a concrete proposal for how to fix the problem.

  4. A lot is coming out this week, but the U may have established a new low for college sports programs. Is this the straw that forces the nation to repair college athletics?

  5. Lastly, and rarely for me on politics, but since I respect the author(s), James Fallows says: If you read one 'serious' newspaper article this weekend...

    Translated: S&P downgraded U.S. debt because they concluded U.S. government was dysfunctional. There will be pressure to prove them wrong. Let's prove them right!

So there you go. Stay busy, work hard, I'll see you soon!

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