Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can we really already be talking about a post-Android market?

As the gallows humor goes: "once I get one, they're obsolete". Still, it seems startling that Peter-Paul Koch, among others, is already talking openly about what happens "after Android". He's written a terse, but readable, analysis of how he sees the story playing out, and what might happen next. His rather bold conclusion:
The Android market share is up for grabs. Apple will capture a juicy part with the iPhone Nano, and the rest will remain with the Android vendors, although it’s unclear which OSs they’ll use.

We’ll only start to notice all this in the market in Q2 or so. All vendors have traditional Android devices in the pipeline, and they’ll be released according to schedule for Christmas and Chinese New Year. It’s the next set of devices that will run other OSs

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