Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bill Slawski's Top Ten SEO Patents list

A few months back, I pointed to Bill Slawski's excellent series on SEO patents. Slawski has continued work on the series, and recently wound it up with a final 10th article.

Slawski takes a few moments to explain why he sees the study of patents as valuable, particularly in this particular sub-field of the computing industry, noting that patents "offer tantalizing hints of a jagged bigger picture, like picture puzzle pieces that don’t necessarily always fit together."

Patents aren't the only thing that Slawski writes about; his search engine observations are fascinating and informative. I particularly appreciate that he routinely illustrates his articles with detailed and compelling examples, as that makes them much easier to follow.

If you're interested in understanding how search engines work, Slawski's site is a great resource.

To tie up, here's the complete "Ten Most Important SEO Patents" series:

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