Friday, March 16, 2012

Perfectly named for your career

Names are wonderful, and sometimes they fascinate me. Are these two fellows just perfectly named for their careers?

Two days after special-teams star Blake Costanzo signed with the Bears, the 49ers signed his replacement Thursday in 10-year veteran Rock Cartwright, the NFL Network reported.

It's just like the game was screen-written, like I was following characters from a movie. Is Rock Cartwright the fourth son of Ben Cartwright, joining Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe (and wouldn't Hoss Cartwright be a perfectly named fullback?).

And how about Blake Costanzo? Surely he must be related to Tony Blundetto, or Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero? (And who would want to tackle Big Pussy Bonpensiero in the open field, after all?

It does make me wonder if, in the wonderfully stage-managed world of professional sports, we're nearing the point where naming consultants will be providing athletes with advice on choosing their football names...

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