Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Precious Reynolds and the Milwaukee Protocol

Don't miss this great story in Wired magazine: Undead: The Rabies Virus Remains a Medical Mystery.

Thousands of years of medical history say that Precious should not have survived. And indeed, some of the world’s foremost rabies experts refuse to concede that Willoughby’s theory of the disease is sound—or even that his protocol is actually saving patients.

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  1. The girl in Texas who just survived in 2009 is interesting too.
    She was given
    Anti-inflammatory/immuno supprestant(!): Dexamethasone
    Antibiotics ceftriaxone, and rifapmin ,
    Anti-bacterials, ethambutol, pyrazinadmide, and isoniazid
    Antiviral: acyclovir
    and got better without ever going into intensive care.

    The Milwaukee protocol is ketamine and midazolam for the coma and antiviral drug amantadine (ribavirin, given to Jeanna Giese is no longer recommended).

    Perhaps if they induce the coma and use acyclovir amantadine the prognosis might improve.

    Still 55,000 are dying world-wide, 20,000 in India annually.