Monday, July 9, 2012

Various database topics

I was very hopeful when I started looking at this article: Why the days are numbered for Hadoop as we know it, but the article turns out to promise much more than it delivers.

It starts out promising to tell us "what's next" after Google File System and Google Map/Reduce.

But in the end, what it mostly tells us is that it's getting harder and harder to choose a code-word for your project.

So if you want to know about Dremel, Pregel, and Giraph, read the article for some fairly interesting summaries of those projects.

Meanwhile, for something a bit more relevant, and a bit more technical, DBMS industry analyst Curt Monash has updated his top-level survey of database diversity: Database diversity revisited.

Monash's article is filled with links; to follow all of his analysis, you'll spend a lot of time clicking. But it's very much worth the trouble, because he's got lots of thorough summaries of the incredibly rich DBMS ecosystem.

Lastly, can't post about databases without some Postgres goodness, so:

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