Monday, October 29, 2012

24 hours with the "17"

Oracle Team USA have posted a stunning 10 minute short feature about the capsize and recovery of their AC 72 "17".

The video includes the only footage I've seen of the actual collapse (wow, it happens so fast!), and then covers the recovery of the crew, the stabilization of the boat, and its eventual recovery back to dock.

We went out in the helicopter at daybreak, to see what else we could recover. Pieces were strewn everywhere, too small and moving too fast to note their coordinates. There were pieces inside the bay, under the bridge, and we saw the last piece more than six miles outside of the bridge.

Wonderful video, and it took guts for them to put it online, so big props to the team and the management.

ORACLE TEAM USA "17" Capsize - The Whole Story.

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