Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The OAK watch incident

Here's a bit of a follow-up to last week's "weird watch arrest" at the airport by my house: McGann Tells His Story of Unusual Watch Arrest at Oakland Airport

McGann also explained that he had been travelling with his homemade watches for the past six months and even got a go ahead from the TSA in Los Angeles the first time he travelled with them.

"It is not a surprise that I got stopped by TSA...They are precarious looking watches. It's just they said it was alright if I put it in the bin," McGann said. "I knew I might be stopped sometime and that I might have to explain the watch as I did the first time I went to TSA months ago."

Check out the pictures of his other watches!

The "too large shoes" issue seems to have been resolved, as well: Updated: No Charges Filed Against McGann for Weird Watch

Police also said that at the time of his arrest, McGann was wearing boots that were two sizes too big and were stuffed with layers of homemade insoles. According to Nelson, the insoles created cavities in the shoes where items could be hidden.

Horngrad denied that the shoes were being used by McGann for any nefarious purposes.

"The shoes were, first of all, Uggs," said Horngrad. "Mr. McGann is short and the shoes were a little big and modified to accommodate lifts ... The shoes were meant to accomplish only that."

The Oakland airport is now safe for art again.

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