Monday, November 26, 2012


It's one of those eternal debates: DisneyLand? Or Walt Disney World?

Myself, I come down strongly on the DisneyLand side, but that betrays my heritage, growing up in on the edge of Orange County in the 1970's.

Anyway, don't listen to me: go read FoxxFur's superb photo-essay on the subject: The Awkward Transitions of Disneyland!

As you may have noticed by now, rails, fences, planters, and flowerboxes do an unusual amount of heavy lifting of the transition-spots of Disneyland. This may because these crowd control barriers generally are felt more than carefully studied: we interact with them and they set a tone without really being noticed in specific detail. Disneyland has a huge and astonishing variety of simply beautiful railings.

As a child, I recall spending an absurd amount of time worrying about questions such as: is the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Adventureland? in Frontierland? or in New Orleans Square? As FoxxFur observes, this is no trivial question:

Nearby, these rails, part of New Orleans Square but also part of the Riverbelle Terrace visual experience - ie, belonging to both Frontierland and New Orleans Square but being actually inside Adventureland - abruptly terminate at the base of a tree

It's a wonderful essay, with lots to chew on. Don't miss the section where she discusses how careful foliage (non-)trimming can control the amount of light that reaches certain areas, governing the overall mood and atmosphere and sub-consciously giving you clues that you're leaving one "land" and entering the next.

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