Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Overseas Reymar

I hadn't been paying much attention to the story of the Overseas Reymar accident, but I picked up the story today in the San Francisco Chronicle: Bridge-crash tanker's last-minute shift.

when Kleess left his anchorage spot south of the Bay Bridge, he was heading for an opening between the nautically termed C and D towers of the Bay Bridge, which is the second opening between towers from the west side of Yerba Buena.

"But then he switched and headed for Delta-Echo," McIsaac said, referring to the opening between the D and E towers, which stand on either side of the opening closest to the island. "I don't know why he changed direction, and that sort of information will have to come out in the investigation."

The "racon" radar beacon that helps guide ships between the C and D towers was not functioning on that day, according to Caltrans, which run the units, but the racon for the D and E tower opening was working. Coast Guard investigators said it is unsure how that may have affected the accident.

There seem like a lot of uncomfortable similarities with the crash of the Cosco Busan five years ago.

This investigation is just beginning; I'll be paying close attention to how it pans out.

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