Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When very meets extreme

In the database world, this is a time of conferences.

Two weeks ago, there was VLDB 2013: the 39th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases.

This week, it's XLDB 2013: the 7th Extremely Large Databases Conference.

VLDB, of course, is the grand old conference in this part of the computing world, and the technical program reflects that. The list of speakers, and the program committee, represent pretty much a Who's Who of the database research community world wide. It's hard to find an area of database research, or a database research team, that isn't represented at VLDB, and the always-excellent papers are a treat to pore over.

XLDB is a younger upstart, but has quickly become a very exciting conference. As their home page outlines,

XLDB attempts to tackle challenges related to extreme scale data sets. Main activities include identifying trends, commonalities and roadblocks related to managing and analyzing extreme scale data sets, and facilitating development and growth of appropriate technologies including (but not limited to) databases.

XLDB is rather unabashedly commercial, and this year's conference was no exception, with talks by teams at Google, Facebook, eBay, Oracle, Target, Chevron, and Netflix, among others.

I think it's great to see both conferences doing well, and I'm sure I'm going to be studying the various research that was announced at these events for months.

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