Sunday, April 5, 2015

Uncomplicated praise for Roads & Kingdoms

In the last few months, I have fallen completely in love with the Roads & Kingdoms website.

Here's how they describe themselves:

Roads & Kingdoms is an independent journal of food, politics, travel and culture. It was recently voted the Gold Winner for Best Travel Journalism Site by the Society of American Travel Writers. The magazine first launched in Myanmar as a Tumblr that became a home for reports on everything from Burmese civil war to dissident MCs to the perils of rancid crab. R&K is now a fulltime digital magazine based in New York and Barcelona, publishing longform dispatches, interviews and global ephemera daily.

I love it all: I love the longform dispatches; I love the interviews; I love the global ephemera.

Everything about the site is well-done. The writing is clear and vivid (and well-edited). The photography and presentation is marvelous. And the topics are both fascinating and relevant.

I'm not sure where they've found the funding for the site, which is blissfully short on advertising and other annoyances. Perhaps this will change, as all great websites seem to eventually succumb to reality.

But for now, I'll keep loving Roads & Kingdoms, and I'll keep reading them as often as I can.

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