Thursday, April 30, 2015

Warriors advance in the playoffs

Having swept New Orleans, the Warriors now face Memphis, a much stronger team.

Bleacher Report breaks it all down in tremendous detail: Grizzlies Will Present Brand-New Playoff Challenge for Hungry Warriors Squad

But the NBA is about matchups, and not all matchups are equal. Just as the Grizzlies will have to solve, or at least partially impede, Curry and Thompson, the Warriors will have to slow down Memphis' post play.

And while it's easy to game-plan rotations and plan for various scenarios, on-court situations usually lend themselves to chaos. Will the Grizzlies' perimeter players be able to knock down shots and punish Golden State for overhelping? Will Green and Bogut handle their business enough to prevent the need for help in the first place?

Game 1 is Sunday, May 3rd.

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