Monday, July 25, 2016

Soon ... soon ...

The Storm-Puter is nearly operational.

(I call it the Storm-Puter because the NZXT Phantom all-white case, when viewed end-on, looks like you are starting at a Stormtrooper)

And yes, those large flexible hoses running to the motherboard are, indeed, the Corsair liquid-cooling CPU cooler connections!

The hardware is (mostly) installed (yay Dan!) and the bios checks are looking pretty solid, so we're closing in on finishing touches.

I'm eager to see if the new monitor lives up to all the glowing reviews.

And, of course, both Dan and I are eager to see how the GTX 1070 behaves.

Dan says the 1070 can drive TWO of those ASUS monitors in DisplayPort G-SYNC mode, which would be a pretty wild experience.

First I want to see how it works with just a single monitor.