Saturday, July 9, 2016

Stranger to Stranger: a very short review

Paul Simon, still going strong at age 74, recently released his latest album, Stranger to Stranger.

It's a very nice album, and I've listened to it a dozen times, and I'm sure I'll listen to it many more times.

But it's no So Beautiful, So What.

Which is OK.

Many artists go their entire lives and never make anything even as good as Stranger to Stranger, much less produce something of the level of So Beautiful, So What (or Graceland, or The Rhythm of the Saints, or Still Crazy After All These Years or There Goes Rhymin' Simon, to name my other favorite solo Simon albums).

Meanwhile, my co-worker reports that Simon is still a tremendous live performer as well, and that his recent show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley was superb.

If you like Paul Simon, you'll like Stranger to Stranger. If you only buy his all-time best, stick to Graceland and So Beautiful, So What.

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