Saturday, October 29, 2016

Derby is released!

After 10 years on the Apache Derby project, one of the few tasks that I hadn't yet attempted was to produce an official Apache Derby release.

Well, I'm pleased to say that, with the help of a number of people, most particularly my good friend Rick Hillegas, I've finally checked that item off my list: Apache Derby is released.

This is a small release, containing a handful of new features and several dozen bug fixes.

Many of those bug fixes were contributed by students who learned about Apache Derby while interning in the Google Summer of Code.

Apache Derby has become a very quiet project, but it is also stable, mature, and feature-rich, and it remains one of the best open source DBMS implementations in the world, and I continue to learn various things by staying involved with it.

Anyway, this process kept me busy for most of October, but it's done now, and there are a million other activities that await!

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