Monday, October 24, 2016

I voted today!

We've been permanent-vote-by-mail voters for many years, but this year we tried something different.

Our county now offers Vote by Mail Ballot Drop-Off Sites

Vote by Mail voters who do not want to mail in their ballots can drop their voted ballots off at any 24-hour location.

It turns out that one of the official drop-off boxes is just 3 blocks from my office, so after we filled out our ballots this weekend, I took them into work with me and walked over to the drop box.

It was actually surprisingly busy at that little drop box.

When I got there, a woman was just walking away, and she congratulated me on voting, and just after I dropped our envelopes in the box, a man walked up with two more envelopes and dropped them in.

"That's all there is to it?"
I said, and he replied with a smile and a salute:
"Easy as pie!"
Both of them were cheerful and it made me feel good. Voting always seems to bring out the best in people.

Don't forget to vote!

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