Monday, November 14, 2016

Carlsen - Karjakin, game 3: draw (1.5 - 1.5)

Carlsen had white for game 3 and it was another Ruy Lopez. The position was very open and active, and by move 36 Carlsen had managed to win a pawn.

There then followed about 30 moves of tense maneuvering, by which point, on move 69, Carlsen won Karjakin's bishop.

However, Karjakin managed to take two of Carlsen's pawns in return, so the material was still extremely close, and Karjakin's rook pawn was very far advanced, making it to the 6th rank by move 76.

After the 78th move, a draw was agreed.

My early predictions are quickly falling by the wayside; Karjakin is playing extremely well, and there has been no breakthrough yet as we have now completed one quarter of the match.

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