Friday, November 18, 2016

Carlsen - Karjakin, game 6: draw (3 - 3)

We're now halfway through the match: 6 games, 6 draws.

This time, the draw was decided early, on move 32. The queens were still on the board, but each side had only Queen, Bishop, and pawns, and the bishops were opposite color.

Sunday, the second half of the match begins.

Due to a little quirk of the protocol, the order of the white-black pairing reverses for the second half of the match, so while Carlsen had the white pieces for the odd-numbered games in the first half of the match, Karjakin has the odd-numbered whites for the second half.

Which means that Karjakin had white today, and has white again on Sunday.

Will that be just enough to unbalance things somehow?

We'll see in 48 hours.

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