Sunday, May 28, 2017

GVFS status report from Microsoft

The largest Git repo on the planet:

Today, I want to share our results. ... we have largely completed the rollout of Git/GVFS to the Windows team at Microsoft ... we now have about 3,500 of the roughly 4,000 Windows engineers on Git ... We knew when we rolled out Git that lots of our performance work wasn’t done yet and we also learned some new things along the way. ... over time, engineers crawl across the code base and touch more and more stuff leading to a problem we call “over hydration”. Basically, you end up with a bunch of files that were touched at some point but aren’t really used any longer and certainly never modified. This leads to a gradual degradation in performance. ... another round of performance improvements we call “O(modified)” which changes the proportionality of many key commands to instead be proportional to the number of files I’ve modified (meaning I have current, uncommitted edits on) ... we invested in building a Git proxy solution for GVFS that allows us to cache Git data “at the edge” ... 70 seconds vs almost 25 minutes is an almost 95% improvement ... working to get all of those changes contributed back to the mainline

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