Saturday, May 23, 2020

Those Cryptics I mentioned...

Here they are, if you wondered:

  1. Refurbished laptops are vastly different (5,5) Poles Apart
  2. Associates of violent armed cops (9) Compadres
  3. Where you may see a North African in a suit, perhaps (7) Tunisia
  4. Smart panel working to create big business strategy (6,4) Master Plan
  5. Shakespeare's amazing breadth (3,4) The Bard
  6. Old means of communication is great help, surprisingly (9) Telegraph
  7. Or whisper Reformed prayer (9) Worshipper
  8. Listening, notice raspy upright swimmer (3,5) Sea Horse
  9. Like some editors' notes about prize for far-out subject? (12) Astrophysics
  10. Have children arrange procedure (9) Reproduce
  11. Farmworker eats hot poultry (8) Pheasant
  12. African nation angered by a Tesla alternative (10) Madagascar
  13. Technophobe diluted fluid (7) Luddite

And, just to keep you entertained, here are 5 more I solved this week:

  1. Outside of shops, one of Santa's reindeer lands (5,2,4)
  2. Blurriness spoiled mini-copiers (11)
  3. Infestation ruined Italian concert piece (11)
  4. Stated price, if only in good times (4-7)
  5. Caterer's hot new dessert (6,5)
  6. Acute sensitivity damaged retinal cone (11) (For some reason this took me a while!)

Some of these drove me crazy! Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon have done it to me again.

And sometimes, when I get them, I don't really understand why.

For example, I worked out that "Accept a mid-October full of hail (5,2)" must be "Agree to" because of cross-letters, but I don't really understand why that is the right answer.

Oh, well.

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