Sunday, November 8, 2020

Is Hurricane Eta an unusual hurricane?

In what has surely been an unusual year for hurricanes, Hurricane Eta seems it like has been particularly unusual.

Check out how it behaved in the first 10 days:

It started near the Venezuala coast, headed due west, made a ninety degree turn, traveled over Nicaragua and Honduras, then made another 45 degree turn and went back over the open ocean and traveled east northeast and last night crossed over the center of Cuba, reportedly moving 60 miles per hour at that point.

But now, it is forecast to make a 145 degree turn and head due west again, this time back into the center of the Gulf of Mexico.

Then, after spending 3 days moving at barely 10 miles per hour over the Gulf of Mexico, and returning to hurricane strength, it is forecast to make yet another 90 degree turn and head due north, towards the Florida pan handle.

Since the NHC only attempts a maximum forecast of 5 days, there still may be much more chaos to come.

What a strange and unusual hurricane!

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