Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coarse language in professional writing

Scott Hanselman shares his feelings about the use of coarse language.

Zach Holman responds.

Ted Dziuba says the real issue is passion and honesty versus marketing and publishing.

I can see both sides. Nothing about the language that Holman uses (or that Heinmeier Hansson does, for that matter) gets under my skin; perhaps I'm just thicker-skinned than many.

But meanwhile I know many readers who are put off by such things.

And so in my own writing I do my best to avoid such.

But I agree that you should (a) write about what you care about, and (b) write in your own words, not in the words that you think others want you to speak.

I guess I'm not adding much to the conversation, but there you go: a few pointers to some interesting articles and a bit of an observation by me.

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