Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quote-un-Quote: 50 interviews of indie game developers

Here's a great body of work: "Fifty Independent Videogame Developers; Fifty Interviews; Fifty Weeks".

The interviewer, who goes by the handle "moshboy", describes the intent of the project here:

all I wanted to do was get some words of insight out of a few independent videogame developers that weren’t known to put many of their own words ‘out there’. In the beginning, the idea was to interview those that had rarely or never been interviewed before.

His project succeeded, and produced a fascinating body of work:

Sometimes the quotes are a snapshot of a developer’s mindset from a certain time period, while most lean toward quoting some insight from their thoughts regarding videogame development.

The complete set of interviews are here.

Since I'm unfortunately not familiar with most of these developers, I found that a fun way to approach the work was just to scroll around in the list and randomly pick an interview.

Great job, moshboy, and thanks not only for embarking on the project and carrying it through, but for publishing the results for us all!

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