Monday, November 7, 2011

Perforce 2011.1 is out!

Yay! The 2011.1 release of the Perforce server is ready! Read more about it at the Perforce site.

This is the second major release since I joined the team, and I'm quite excited about it. Although I played only a minor role in this release, I had a chance to get involved in many of the new features, and there are some really powerful enhancements in this release.

Engineers love releases (really, we do!): the whole point of writing software is to build something that gets used, and in order for it to get used, it has to get released. So even though a release is a whole lot of work, the result is that a new version of the product becomes available, and gets used, and that's always exciting!

So, congratulations, Perforce, on the 2011.1 release!

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