Monday, April 9, 2012

Bryan turns 40!

... well, to be precise, "Bryan" the Nord is now a Level 40 character in Skyrim.

I've been playing for 3 full months now; approximately 250 hours of real time, according to the game stats. I think I've discovered more than half of the locations on the map, and have completed many quests. My highest attributes are pushing level 80 now, and I don't die nearly as much as I used to (especially since I hand-smithed my full set of Glass armor and improved it to Epic level quality).

I'm playing on the PS3, and happily haven't hit most of the issues that have required multiple patches. Or maybe I have hit those issues, but just didn't notice?

Even though I'm still having a blast playing the game, I can sense that I'm on the downward slope. I think I'll probably play the game a few more weeks, maybe through the end of April, but then the intense addiction will start to fade...

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