Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Descriptive Camera

Here is a bit of oddly fascinating art: Descriptive Camera, by Matt Richardson.

It lives somewhere in the swamp between technology, pop culture, and art. I think it's actually quite clever, although I suspect it doesn't have much lasting value. It captures a moment in time (i.e., 2012).

I like the way it inverts the relationship between humans and computers. The "gadget" (the camera) emits something that looks like it is computational (the textual description), yet that is pretty much the only part that is human-generated (via the Mechanical Turk).

What is data, what is meta-data, what is mechanical, and what is creative? It's a fun exploration of the subject.

Nowadays, it's increasingly hard to distinguish between people and voices in our heads; I'm pleased to see the artists helping us keep track of who we are and who they are.

Of course, speaking of artists, Randall Munroe is thinking about this, too.


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