Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three years at this blog

My first blog article on this blog was in April, 2009, for what that's worth.

It's moderately interesting why blogs come and go. Here's Dave Kellogg, announcing that he's done blogging.

I thought this comment from Kellogg was intriguing:

A mixed operating/blogger role made people uncomfortable. I’d often find myself in meetings where people weren’t sure whether to treat me as supplier, partner, candidate, co-worker, adviser, or journalist. The simple fact is that most bloggers are either professional journalists or analysts/consultants. The rare combination created intermittent problems for me along the way. Shutting down the blog will simplify my life in this regard.

Have we reached the point where "those who can, do; those who can't, blog"?

Well, enough of that. Whether I can or can't, I'm back to studying the ultra-fascinating Apache Zookeeper Recipes documentation, while I wait for week 5 of Online Cryptography to be posted.

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