Monday, May 28, 2012

Anand-Gelfand game 12: draw

Anand had White and opened 1. e4. He varied from game 10 on the fifth move. The queens came off the board on move 13, and the game was drawn on move 22.

And so, the classical-format portion of the match has completed, with the score tied 6-6.

The format now changes, and they will play games at a shorter time format. I'm not exactly sure what that new format is, and how the games will be scheduled. Here is how the Times of India describes it:

In the rapid chess, Anand will have to score 2.5 points in the four games scheduled on Wednesday. There will be 25 minutes to each player in this contest with a 10-second addition after every move is played.

If the scores are still tied after these four games, there will be two more games with blitz chess rules. Should the tie persist, there are five such blitz matches to be played.

If the deadlock still continues, there will be an Armageddon game with five minutes to white and four to black and black wins the title in case of a draw also.

25 minutes per side with a 10-second increment is much faster than the classical time, but each game could still take an hour to complete.

Anand's skill at the faster time controls is legendary, but Gelfand's play in the match has been superb.

What will Wednesday reveal?

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