Friday, May 18, 2012

Anand-Gelfand game 6: draw

The score is now 3-3, halfway through the scheduled 12 games.

As GM Sergei Shipov notes, the whole world is trying to figure out when a decisive game might occur, and how the evolution of the match favors the one player or the other:

In the commentators' studio now on the official website Kasparov is talking about the current condition of the players in the match. Unfortunately [or not so unfortunately for most readers here!], only in English... The ex-World Champion said that Gelfand's title chances increase with each new draw... Garry is now comparing the current match to the previous friendly match in Zurich between Kramnik and Aronian. His assessment wasn't hard to predict... At the same time, he noted the difference in the status of the matches, explaining that without the burden of responsibility you can of course play more freely and riskily - as Vladimir and Levon did. While Vishy and Boris can't allow themselves such liberties.

The World Championship has a day off tomorrow, so take a break from studying those Slav Defense Meran variations and wander over to the U.S. Championship to see the thrilling finish between GMs Kamsky and Nakamura, two of the top 10 players in the world going neck-and-neck for the championship.

You can find Kamsky's superb win over Seirawan here.

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