Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The ne plus ultra of gaming

My computer struggles to play on regular settings, so I can only just sit and ogle these unbelievably gorgeous panoramas taken on Settings=Ultra: The Witcher 3 panoramas. Watch out for the harpy that guards this lighthouse!


  • We Talk About The Witcher 3's Awesome Quests
    Luke: I think the “no resolution” thing is what makes so many of these so special. Bloody Baron is obviously the same: there’s sadness and emptiness in that plotline regardless of how you decide it. This isn’t a game that’s going to give you “good” and “bad” results very often.
  • The Complex Women Of The Witcher 3
    The Strenger family’s story — an admittedly tiny fraction of a colossal game — has two possible endings: sad, or the most depressing thing you can imagine. Even in its darkest moments it remains thoughtful and treats its characters like people with realistic motivations.

    The Bloody Baron quest represents a big, daring creative decision. Honestly, it’s hard to read over a recap and believe all of that made it into a modern, big-budget game. At times, it’s even hard to believe it’s in The Witcher 3. That’s because — while often brilliant in its handling of sex, women characters, and even sexism — it’s a game frequently at odds with itself. It’s been called out for depicting a fantasy world where women are treated poorly to up its surface level edginess factor, even as others have praised it for confronting real-world issues, offering players a mirror upon which to view actual problems. It’s even been praised as a feminist game. Of course Witcher 3 has caused arguments between players. It sometimes feels like it’s arguing with itself.

  • The Witcher 3 Vs. Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Comparison We Had To Make
    Partway into Wild Hunt, Geralt attends a poetry reading by Priscilla, Dandelion’s writing partner and I-guess-girlfriend-it’s-sort-of-unclear. She sings some poetry for a rapt audience. The song goes on for approximately one hundred years, is extremely dorky, and is also wonderful.

And don't forget to celebrate Trollolol, the greatest singing troll ever.

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