Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's not just a game...

... it truly is an open world, just begging to be explored.

I was wandering around the Skellige Isles, basically picking up a number of lesser quests that I had skipped during my main path through the game this summer.

I was east of Kaer Trolde, far, far up in the snowy mountains, where I had descended into a monster's den in a cave under the mountains and worked through it carefully, leaving no nook unexplored.

When I emerged, I thought I'd head north and east, towards a small unmarked town on my map that I hadn't yet visited.

I crested a high snowy ridge above a narrow valley and looked down into the valley, where I could see the town buildings, a path through the center of the valley, and a small pond along the valley floor.

But, on the far side of the valley, against the opposing hillside, were two figures described by rocks, perhaps knights or monsters locked in battle.

It looked rather like the "Nazca figures", stick figures seen from far, far above.

Curious, I descended to the valley floor, swam across the pond, and hiked over to the area where the figures lay.

There were rocks, and valley floor, but you couldn't see anything recognizable from the valley floor, certainly not any shapes or figures.

The figures were only visible from the remote and nearly inaccessible peak that I had mostly blundered my way onto while wandering around.

What an amazing game, little details like that just waiting to be found.

How many more?

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