Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Strange strange strange

I have no idea what to make of: 'Gone Girl' Suspect Confesses to Reporter - As FBI Listens In and Orangevale’s Matthew Muller being investigated for other home invasions.

One thing is for sure, after several years of paying attention to this case: it's clearly the strangest thing that's happened around these parts since this case.

From the SacBee article:

Muller is the suspected mastermind in the March 23 kidnapping of Denise Huskins, who says she was drugged and taken from her Mare Island home by an intruder in the middle of the night. Huskins was released two days later in Huntington Beach. She and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, told authorities they were bound with zip ties and forced to consume drugs that put them to sleep. Vallejo police at the time publicly labeled the case a hoax, but FBI documents released this week make clear that the agency is taking it seriously.

Search warrants unsealed Monday show the FBI seized five drones, remote controls, video cameras and other items linked to Muller from a self-storage unit he rented in Vallejo. Other items confiscated included a blood pressure cuff found in a stolen white Mustang discovered near the Muller family vacation home in South Lake Tahoe. Huskins and Quinn told investigators their assailant had checked their blood pressure after giving them drugs.

The FBI now links the case to a Dublin home invasion last month in which a man fought off an intruder. The intruder escaped but left behind a cellphone that led agents to Muller, who was arrested at the South Lake Tahoe house.

Detectives in Palo Alto and Mountain View say they’re also looking into Muller’s possible involvement in home invasions in 2009 that had similarities to the Vallejo and Dublin cases. He was originally a suspect in the Palo Alto case, but authorities believed they had insufficient evidence to arrest him, said Palo Alto police Lt. Zach Perron. The case has remained open.

When the case first broke, I sure thought it was a hoax.

Looks increasingly like I was wrong.

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