Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's raining!

And it's been raining hard.

But we've got a long ways to go; take a look at the current California reservoir conditions.

It can be hard to absorb all the information on these charts.

Start by paying attention to the three giant reservoirs at the far north of the state: Lake Shasta, Lake Oroville, and Trinity Lake.

These are MONSTER reservoirs. Together, they have a storage capacity of almost 11 MILLION acre feet.

And, currently, they contain less than 3 million AF, so just those 3 reservoirs alone are hoping to collect 8 million acre feet of water, if they can.

And that's true across the state. The reservoirs that most affect my daily life are the ones in the Mokelumne Watershed, such as Camanche Reservoir, as that's where East Bay Municipal Utility District draws its supplies.

Camanche, you'll notice, is less than a quarter full, showing 23 % today.

But check out the next-to-last-line in that long, detailed EBMUD report, the one about the current snow conditions in the Mokelumne Basin.

"Snow on ground": 121% of normal.


Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

(But maybe we should try to get some more beavers, too!.

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