Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just how much of a dinosaur am I?

So, er, uhm, I'm one of those people who still have a collection of compact discs.

You know, music CDs.

Yes, yes, I know. You could probably stop reading now.

But I do like to grab a CD from time to time and toss it into the CD player in our kitchen stereo.

Anyway, December rolled around.

And one of the things that I do in December is to dig back in the corner, where I have a set of several dozen Christmas-themed CDs.

You know: the Vince Guaraldi Trio performing their soundtrack from It's a Charlie Brown Christmas; and a Wyndham Hill sampler of nicely-arranged Christmas Carols; and the like.

I don't play these CDs very often, but come the holiday season, the mood tends to strike.

So I dug back into the back of the corner, and pulled out the CDs.

And a half-a-dozen of them were missing!

I looked all around the shelf, and in various other locations where I might have put them away incorrectly.

No joy.

I eventually gave up, and more time passed.

Anyway, the other day...

... we happened to decide we wanted to put some CDs on, and since there were several CDs we wanted to play, I opened up our 6-disc CD changer ...

... and there were the 6 missing Christmas-themed CDs!

Yes, indeed, that means that I hadn't used the 6-disc CD changer part of the stereo since December, 2014.

Mystery solved.

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