Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Carl Malamud article on BackChannel

Don't miss this wonderful biographical article about the fascinating Carl Malamud on BackChannel: The Internet’s Own Instigator

Do not yawn. True, the legality of electronically publishing building codes, plumbing regulations, and product safety rules for baby seats probably won’t be the subject matter for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s next musical. The lawyers in the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates might be excused for thinking that this would be one of the more obscure resolutions they would consider at their annual meeting. But such thinking doesn’t take Carl Malamud into account. With an endless supply of energy and a wacky bag of tricks, he has singlehandedly elevated the subject to the most contentious issue of the event, a parliamentary prizefight. If nothing else, Malamud is determined to make the barristers understand that the publication of these standards is a core American value, and allowing anything but totally free and open publication would leave a dark constitutional stain on the shag rug of liberty.

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