Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Arrival of the Waesche

It appears that the USCSC Waesche has now arrived in Alameda. The Waesche is a National Security Cutter, the second one of a planned eight. It is "the flagship of the U.S. Coast Guard’s fleet"!

As described by the Coast Guard:

The National Security Cutter, for example, will enable the Coast Guard to screen and target vessels faster, more safely and reliably before they arrive in U.S. waters – to include conducting onboard verification through boardings and, if necessary, taking enforcement-control actions.

In addition to its well-known search-and-rescue and anti-terrorist missions, the Coast Guard is involved in issues of customs, immigration, and drug enforcement, and the new cutters will be part of all these efforts.

Here are a few web pages specifically devoted to the Waesche:

Keep an eye out for the Waesche if you are anywhere around San Francisco Bay!

P.S. Anybody know how to pronounce Waesche? Would it be something like Way-Ski?

Updated: Gregor Rothfuss points me to this German-English dictionary entry, with audio. It sounds like the correct pronunciation is more like "Vay-Shuh" -- thanks Gregor!

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