Monday, March 22, 2010


First, there was Chat Roulette. Surely you've heard about it by now. If not, then (as usual) Jon Stewart explains it better than anybody.

Chat Roulette had seemed to quiet down, but then last week there was a little excitement about Merton, who plays the piano on ChatRoulette.

Now, lots of people thought that Merton was Ben Folds, but he wasn't; he was just Merton.

Now, I am quite the Ben Folds fan, so I of course took a look, saw that it wasn't Ben, and moved on.

But, I guess that Ben Folds heard about Merton, and the result was this. It's quite wonderful, really: Ben Folds paying tribute to Merton paying (unintentional?) tribute to Ben Folds.


Oh, and thank you! to Ben Folds for being both so creative and such a great sport about it all.

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