Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mac OS X Software Update

I've only had this new Mac for 1 week, and Software Update just told me I have 1 Gb of updates to apply!

Apple's Software Update download servers seem kind of slow... will it really take 5 hours to download these updates?

Meanwhile, How do I configure Software Update so that it grabs the "important" updates automatically? Windows and Ubuntu seem to be pretty good about getting the most important updates in a timely fashion, can I do that for Mac OS X software updates too?

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  1. It's just your timing - with a big "service pack" (10.6.3) just out and the iTunes and other updates for the iPad release I've noticed the servers are much slower than usual. You can download the updates from as well, which seemed faster. Don't worry, you'll soon notice far fewer updates coming through than Windows :)