Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mac OS X as a developer platform

At my new day job, the developer platform of choice is the Mac. So, after nearly 15 years away from regular use of a Mac, I'm back into the Mac world, trying to re-learn the platform and its tools.

One of my first observations is that the hardware is beautiful! I'm using a 8-core MacPro with 8 Gb of memory and 1 Tb of disk, and a gorgeous Cinema Display monitor.

I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.2; that is, Snow Leopard.

Now, given the particular software that I work on, my use of Mac OS X so far has mostly involved learning enough about Spaces and Expose so that I can manage the 30-or-so terminal windows that I tend to have open; I'm a bash-and-vim guy at the end of the day, after all.

And most of my minute-by-minute work tends to be edit-compile-test cycles, so I'm mostly intimate with GCC and JAM for those operations.

But I do appreciate the power of a strong debugger, so I'm wondering if I can do better than gdb. In particular, Gil recommended the XCode debugger, and it looks like that's a widely-preferred tool for debugging on Mac OS X.

So, I think one of the top items on next week's agenda will be to learn about configuring and operating the XCode debugger on Mac OS X.

Any good tutorials or documentation sites out there for this task?

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  1. Hey Bryan,

    I am not very familiar with Mac or its apps, but I do like reading about them, and I had come across this a while back.
    I hope you find it useful!

    -Jake Groth