Saturday, April 6, 2013

I can't keep it all straight!

Is my mind going? I keep getting myself confused between

It's somewhat easier for me to distinguish between Slovenia, Silesia, and Slovakia, because my father's side of the family is Slovak, a country that didn't even exist when I was born.

But today I got myself all confused trying to figure out the difference between:

Mordovia, I said? What or where is that? Luckily, Wikipedia knew, since I sure didn't.

Why was I interested in Mordovia? Well, Brian Krebs was interested, and whatever Brian Krebs is interested in, I am interested in, too.

For starters, Flashback was the first OS X malware to be “VMware aware” — or to know when it was being run in a virtual environment (a trick designed to frustrate security researchers). It also was the first to disable XProtect, OS X’s built-in malware protection program. These features, combined with its ability to spread through a then-unpatched vulnerability in Java made Flashback roughly as common for Macs as the Conficker Worm was for Windows PCs.

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