Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Version Control is the foundation

I loved this story about how LinkedIn is building amazing tools atop their version control system: The Software Revolution Behind LinkedIn’s Gushing Profits

LinkedIn’s newly-adopted software development methodology is known as “continuous deployment.” Under continuous deployment, a developer writes new code in tidy, discrete little chunks and quickly checks each chunk into the main line of software shared amongst all LinkedIn developers, a line known as “trunk” within the software version control systems standard in the tech industry. Newly-added code is subjected to an elaborate series of automated tests designed to weed out any bugs. Once the code passes the tests it is merged into trunk and cataloged in a system that shows managers what features are ready to go live on the site or in new versions of LinkedIn’s apps.

At my day job, we love to see people being successful by building tools and processes atop their version control system.

If you don't have a version control system, consider Perforce!

Version Control is the foundation; way to go LinkedIn!

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