Monday, April 1, 2013

Magnus loses ...

... but yet, Magnus wins!

What a crazy last round!

Aronian solidly beat Radjabov, and Gelfand and Grischuk drew after 27 moves.

Then, in a spectacularly wild position, Carlsen came through the time control with Svidler down a pawn, and with his pieces badly scattered. Scarcely 8 moves later, Carlsen was lost, and resigned.

But then, most unexpectedly, Ivanchuk played his best game of the tournament, defeating Kramnik, and so the tournament ended with both Carlsen and Kramnik level on points, at 8.5 points each.

It turns out that the rules of the tournament then proceeded to consider various tie-breakers, and although the pair were level on the first tie breaker, Carlsen prevailed on the second tie-breaker, which was the number of victories.

So Carlsen it is, and a Carlsen-Anand match will be played!


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