Sunday, April 14, 2013

It is done


  • Polymath and Level 39 Adventurer,
  • Truesworn of the Warsworn,
  • Chariot of the Travelers,
  • Holder of the Orison,
  • Iconoclast of the House of Ballads,
  • Proclaimed Unwritten by High King Titarion,
  • Unraveller of Octienne,
  • Last Member of the House of Sorrows,
  • Siegebreaker of Mel Senshir,
  • Slayer of Balor,
  • Liberator of the House of Pride,
has at long last defeated Tirnoch, cast out the evil wizard Gadflow, ended the Crystal War, and brought peace to Amalur.

There were certainly flaws in Kingdoms of Amalur, but overall I loved this game and very much enjoyed completing it.

And, heck, it only took me four months!

Now, what's next...

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