Friday, December 5, 2014

Great article on benchmarking SSDs

Check out this great article: The SSD Endurance Experiment: Two freaking petabytes: The survivors soldier on to another really big number

The authors have been running a benchmark on a bunch of SSD drives for more than a year!

They're looking at reliability, manageability, and performance.

We benchmarked all the SSDs before we began our endurance experiment, and we've gathered more performance data after every 100TB of writes since. It's important to note that these tests are far from exhaustive. Our in-depth SSD reviews are a much better resource for comparative performance data. What we're looking for here is how each SSD's benchmark scores change as the writes add up.

Yes, you read that right: "every 100 TB".

They are forcing petabytes of data through their SSDs, and observing how they fare.

And they fare, in fact, quite well:

The results of our experiment do, however, point to some more general conclusions about SSDs as a whole. Although only two drives made it to 2PB, all six wrote hundreds of terabytes without issue, vastly exceeding their official endurance specifications. More importantly, the drives all survived far more writes than most users are likely to generate. Typical consumers shouldn't worry about exceeding the endurance of modern SSDs.

The whole article is pretty interesting.

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