Friday, December 5, 2014

The end of TNR

For about 15 years, from about 1985 to about 2000, I was not only a reliable subscriber but a devoted reader of The New Republic

I loved pretty much everything about the magazine: its style, its selection of topics, its ability to attract the best writers.

Most of all, I loved its fearlessness; it always seemed to me to be willing to ask the hardest questions and not to shy away from the answers.

I'm sure that I changed, but sometime around the turn of the millenium The New Republic changed even more. I drifted away, reluctantly, and finally stopped reading it entirely.

Now comes news of the final collapse, as covered in Slate: What We Lost With the Loss of the New Republic

I sort of found my own voice, as an adult, by reading TNR. Even though it's nothing like it once was, I'll miss it.

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