Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Those who do not remember history...

... or something like that.

Anyway, BIG STORM UPDATE: California Drought Situation Improves says:

The much anticipated big storm that hit California on December 10-12 lived up to its expectations with torrential rains, heavy snow in the Sierra, and high winds (although these were not as powerful as forecast). A small tornado (EF-0) even touched down in South Los Angeles Friday morning, December 12th. Rainfall in the San Francisco Bay Area was especially impressive with San Jose picking up 3.23” on December 11th, its 3rd greatest calendar day rainfall on record (POR since 1893). Venado, in Sonoma County, received 9.44” in 24 hours. What was most welcome, however, was that the heavy rain also drenched the southern portions of California including the Central Valley, erasing the seasonal precipitation deficits that were still in place just a week ago.

but also notes that:

Although neither of these changes are any guarantee that the winter will continue to be a wet one, they are at least a good sign. The RRR (‘Ridiculously Resilient Ridge’) that has been the hallmark of drought is nowhere in sight (for the time being). Of course, this is the way the season of 2012-2013 began when a very wet November and December came to an end by January when the RRR set up and didn’t let go for the following two years.

Oh, yes, we remember that well.

The story mentions Venado, a place I've never been. Mill Creek Road looks like it would be a fun drive on a nice summer day. I'll have to try that sometime...

Meanwhile, though, the state is still bone dry, so: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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