Friday, December 19, 2014

I suppose I should pay more attention to my investments...

Frankly, I don't monitor my retirement accounts anywhere near as closely as I should.

Who has the time?

But I do try to look at them every quarter or so, to think about how they are doing and what I should change, if anything.

So I signed on and looked at my IRA, and was reading through the various positions.

And I noticed information for a company I'd never heard of!

How did a company I'd never heard of appear in my account? Did I fumble-finger some trade, months ago? Was I hacked? The "purchase history" for the new company showed three apparently legitimate trades, dating back to 2011.

Then I did some web surfing, and arrived at: Kimberly-Clark Announces Details for Completion of Kimberly-Clark Health Care Spin-Off

Kimberly-Clark Corporation (NYSE: KMB) today announced the record date, distribution date and distribution ratio for the previously announced tax-free spin-off of its health care business. The spin-off will form the new publicly traded company, Halyard Health, Inc. Kimberly-Clark also increased its 2014 share repurchase program to take into account expected proceeds as a result of the spin-off.

Kimberly-Clark shareholders will receive one share of Halyard Health common stock for every eight shares of Kimberly-Clark common stock held as of the close of trading on Oct. 23, 2014, the record date for the spin-off.

And, sure enough, the dates of the three trades are precisely the three occasions on which I purchased Kimberly-Clark stock in my IRA.

The computers had quietly taken care of it all.

But, really, I ought to pay more attention to my retirement accounts.

Maybe next year, he says...

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